Among the 50 states in the nation, Florida was ranked number five for its rate of divorce just last year according to Its fifth place position was actually a tie with Oklahoma. With 13.1 percent of people in both states being divorced, Florida and Oklahoma were outdone by only three other states — Oregon, Nevada and Maine. To understand the implications of these statistics, the states with the lowest divorce rates were New Jersey and New York which both recorded only 8.5 percent of their populations as divorced.

When looking at data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Florida still stands out for its high divorce rate. While the national average listed that 3.6 persons out of every 1,000 were divorced, that number was 4.5 in the Sunshine State.

How does the economy affect divorce rates?

People have long surmised that the national economy may affect divorce rates. During the Great Recession, the number of divorces actually dropped around the country. To many, this was cause to celebrate. Experts believed that couples had found new ways to work together during difficult times and that the drop in divorces was a positive outcome of an otherwise bleak experience.

A sociologist from the University of Maryland, however, has recently disputed that concept. Noting that the number of dissolution of marriages has increased since 2008, when the economy began to improve, the scientist alleges that people postponed getting divorced between 2005 and 2008 because they simply could not afford it. Up to 150,000 divorces are believed to have been put off but not necessarily averted for this reason.

How does age affect divorce?

Age may or may not directly affect whether or not couples get online divorce Florida but it certainly can affect what issues become most important when getting divorced. An article in the Huffington Post points out some of the big mistakes people make when choosing financial paths in a divorce.

Vying to keep the family home in a property division settlement, for example, is not necessarily the best way to a good financial future. Keeping money from retirement account splits versus reinvesting it puts people on the fast track to high taxes and penalties that can eat up a large percent of investments. When people get divorced later in life, these are some of the concerns that must be understood.

Legal help is important during a divorce

People getting divorced must struggle with some challenging emotions and decisions. Working with a trusted legal advisor can help to avoid losses by providing wise guidance on key topics.