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Helping Families In Clearwater Manage A Divorce

No couple walks down the aisle anticipating a future divorce, but sometimes legally ending a marriage is in the best interests of all members of a family. Coming to this decision is no doubt difficult, but with the support of a lawyer, proceeding with a divorce doesn’t have to be.

An experienced Clearwater lawyer is here for you and ready to answer any questions relating to Florida’s family laws, contested vs. uncontested divorce, alimony, child support and the differences between a civilian and military dissolution of marriage. Whatever your concerns as you begin the divorce process, an attorney can provide the support you need.

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The Next Steps

After the emotional turmoil of deciding to end a marriage, one of the most stressful aspects of a divorce is deciding who gets what. You and your spouse may have spent years building a life together, and now dividing up possessions can be very difficult.

Coming to an agreement about who gets the family home can be among the most challenging issues to resolve. A home contains many memories, and if you have children, you likely don’t wish to disrupt the sense of security they feel in the environment. If you and your spouse are having problems deciding who keeps the family home, a lawyer can suggest workable options, including:

  • One spouse remaining in the home until the youngest child turns 18
  • Selling the home and dividing the profits between both spouses
  • Rotating living arrangements in the family home
  • One person purchasing a former spouse’s share of the home

A Clearwater divorce attorney can also provide experienced guidance on other tricky financial matters, such as determining how to distribute savings, 401K plans and IRA accounts. Dividing these monetary assets can be extremely complicated, but a lawyer will understand the necessary steps to take.

No divorce case will come without sacrifices, but by working with a lawyer you gain the support of an individual concerned about the well-being of you and your family. Further, your legal representative will provide guidance while advocating for your interests in divorce proceedings.

Find Help In Your Time Of Need

Whether you’re involved in a contentious divorce or relatively peaceful settlement negotiations, your lawyer will look out for you throughout the process. An attorney can inform you on which Florida laws can impact your case and advise you on how custody and child support are determined in the state.

In addition to being able to provide information on technical elements of divorce, a lawyer will also seek help you understand and plan for the overall process. For example, your attorney may be able to provide an estimate of how long the process of obtaining a divorce is likely to take after learning select details about your marital situation. In short, you don’t go through the stress of a divorce alone.

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