Child Visitation

Time-Sharing Arrangements In Florida

Family laws in the state of Florida outline a favored arrangement in which divorcing parents share in the responsibility of raising children after the legal dissolution of a marriage. In most cases, then, traditional notions of custody and child visitation are outdated.

Rather than award custody of a child to one parent and child visitation rights to the other parent, Florida public policy typically enforces a time-sharing approach for the rearing of children. In effect, both parents are awarded significant time with children as well as shared responsibility concerning decisions surrounding a child’s education or health care.

If you have concerns about the aspect of a time-sharing arrangement, it’s important to discuss them with your attorney. An attorney can provide insight into Florida family laws and advise you of likely outcomes in divorce proceedings.

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Issues Affecting Child Visitation, Or Time-Sharing

Time-sharing arrangements, typically outlined in parenting plans, may be developed in multiple ways. The first option is for you and a divorcing spouse to settle upon an agreement of your own. This is most often the best option because it leaves you and a spouse in control of the outcome. You are the two people, after all, most familiar with your child’s needs.

If you are unable to reach an agreement regarding child visitation, or time-sharing, the decision of who receives how much parenting time will ultimately be the courts. You and a spouse can make arguments before a judge during divorce proceedings, but the time-sharing plan ultimately included in the divorce agreement will be determined by the court.

In rare cases, a court may designate one parent as being solely responsible for the care of children. Such instances may include situation in which:

  • A parent suffers from a severe and untreated mental health disorder
  • A parent is addicted to and abuses alcohol or another drug
  • A parent is neglectful of a children’s needs
  • A parent commits violence against children or a former spouse

The most important factor to play into the court’s determination is what is in the best interests of the child. In every case, officials of the court will deem to come up with the arrangement that most benefits a child.

Getting Legal Help For A Divorce

In the state of Florida, you may be surprised that family law concepts like custody and child visitation have been replaced with time-sharing arrangements between parents. Given their bearing on your child and your role as a parent, it is important make sure you understand applicable laws.

An attorney can provide you with guidance on all aspects of divorce and children, including time-sharing plans and other factors in custodial arrangements. An attorney can work on your behalf to seek a compromise with a soon-to-be ex-spouse when it comes to parenting responsibilities or make arguments regarding the care of children before the court.

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