How Much Does Child Support Cost?

A Difficult Aspect Of Divorce

One of the most potentially painful outcomes of divorce is the division of parenting time. This aspect of a family's breakup also includes a financial component, of course, as parents are not only expected to participate in caretaking responsibilities but also in the financial support of children under the age of 18. Many people pondering divorce wonder how much child support costs.

The share of support that a parent is expected to provide after a divorce can vary depending upon a wide range of factors. The method and payment structure of child support may also depend upon various circumstances of a family's particular situation.

No parent wishes to lose time spent with children, and the issue of financially supporting your kids can be very emotional. As a result, it can benefit everyone involved if both you and a spouse are represented by attorneys during these negotiations.

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Determining How Much Child Support Will Cost

Under Florida law, one parent is not typically designated as having custody of a child or children; instead the state encourages a system of time-sharing among parents who have divorced. This can have implications for how child support is determined.

Fortunately, Florida has a child support calculator that can be used to simplify the process for establishing the level of a parent's obligation. This calculator, utilized by the court to determine financial obligations, includes factors such as:

  • The net income of each parent
  • The number of children that must be supported
  • The percent of financial responsibility determined by the court
  • The amount of time children spend living with each parent
  • Childcare costs
  • Healthcare expenses

Child support may include direct payments, such as when one parent sends the other a check for a certain dollar amount each month. Support may also be in the form of indirect benefits that include insurance coverage, mortgage payments and medical expenses.

Court Protocols On Child Support

In the case of no-contest divorces, divorcing spouses may set their own parameters on how much child support will cost and the method in which it is paid. In contested divorce cases, the court has final say in establishing the amount and structure of child support payments.

It is important to know that the mandate of a court must be followed when it comes to child support payments. It is possible to have the terms of a ruling modified, though this is typically only true under extraordinary circumstances.

An attorney can fill you in on all of the factors used to determine child support as well as circumstances under which agreements may be modified. A lawyer can also provide information on payments relating to alimony, spousal support and maintenance in order to help you get a full assessment of how much a divorce costs.

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