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Deciding On Divorce In Palm Harbor

Deciding on divorce is never easy. Accepting the fact that legally ending your marriage is best for you and your family can require months of contemplation. When you’ve decided on this course of action, a caring Palm Harbor lawyer can help to relieve some of the stress you may feel.

An experienced divorce lawyer understands the emotional turmoil a divorce can create, and he or she will work with the goal of keeping the remainder of the process as pain free as possible. Your attorney will seek to understand your needs and priorities, ultimately working to obtain a divorce settlement that is fair to you and in the best overall interests of your family.

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Factors To Consider In Your Divorce

Every case will be different, but because Florida is a no-fault divorce state, a specific reason for legally terminating a marriage is not required. Rather, simply stating that you and a spouse have irreconcilable differences is sufficient for a divorce. However, if you or a spouse is an active military member, certain aspects of federal law, in addition to state statutes, may apply to your situation.

In resolving divorce cases, it is necessary to come to a post-marital agreement that adequately address a wide range of issues, including:

  • Property division. You and your spouse must agree on who will keep any property acquired during your marriage. This includes the marital home, a family business (if relevant) and other property assets. If you and your family own multiple cars, boats or other property, it will also be included in any agreement.
  • Alimony. If the spouse whom you are divorcing was the primary breadwinner, alimony or spousal support may be necessary. This can help defray a spouse’ living costs or help support them if they return to school to find a new vocation.
  • Child custody. Florida has dramatically changed child custody laws in recent years, and these statutes have been seen as hugely beneficial for father’s rights. As a result of new laws, visitation rights have been replaced with time-sharing arrangements agreed upon by both spouses.
  • Child support. A spouse may be required to provide monthly payments to help support the children.

Even in no-contest divorce cases in which both spouses are largely in agreement on the above issues, having a lawyer remains important. An attorney will seek to protect your legal rights and fight for a divorce settlement that accounts for your unique needs.

Our Team Is Here To Support You

Our team understands that a divorce can greatly impact everyone in your family, and that’s why it’s our goal to minimize the stress of divorce proceedings. Our team has worked for fair divorce outcomes on behalf of other Palm Harbor clients, and we’re ready to do the same for you.

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