Child custody issues can become sticky situations

When parents seek a divorce, many factors help decide the child custody arrangements, but Florida courts are most interested in safeguarding the best interests of the child. The premise is that children can become quite disrupted by divorce, but providing as much stability and continuity as possible is vital to a child’s daily life. If […]

Pets present a challenge in some divorces

In a Tampa divorce, there are many issues to consider and work through. One that should be addressed is the custody of any pets. A poll conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers indicates that more couples are facing custody issues where their pets are concerned. In addition to asking the courts to determine […]

Learning about military divorce

Military individuals go through much of the same process as non-military individuals when seeking a divorce. However, there are certain factors that can impact a military divorce that may not pertain to civilian divorces in Florida. For example, military divorces often take longer than other types of divorces when one of the spouses is deployed […]

Considerations when deciding parenting plans

After several changes in Florida laws regarding parenting and child custody issues in 2008, those going through a divorce are required to draw up a parenting plan, which were created to specifically address the care of a child when a marriage ends. The plans cover numerous topics, such as the division of daily responsibilities, scheduling […]

Divorce – the best interests of children

In Florida divorce cases, one of the top considerations by the court is the welfare of any children involved. The judge will keep this priority at the top of their list when determining child support, visitation and parenting schedules. The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act further addresses this matter. After a marriage ends, […]

Florida grandmother held responsible for child support

A Florida woman has reportedly had child support deducted from her pay for the support of a grandchild. Her son was a minor when the child was born, but the deductions allegedly continued even after her son turned 18. When the woman and her attorney contacted officials about the situation, they allegedly received conflicting responses. […]

Facebook may hurt parents who default on child support

Florida residents may be interested in a contemporary method family courts are using to ascertain whether parents obligated to pay child support are misrepresenting their financial resources. In Wisconsin, some officials have made it a practice to cross-check obligors’ social media posts against the resources they claim to have or not have. According to the […]

Considerations for splitting a home during a divorce

It is wise for individuals seeking a divorce to take special care in negotiating for the disbursement of marital property, especially family homes. Florida state law follows a principle of “equal distribution” with respect to divorce mediations, wherein the outcomes sought by judges are equitable divisions of marital property between parties. The property division phase […]

Retirement funds are a marital property asset

Financial experts say that not claiming a fair share of retirement funds is one of the biggest mistakes an individual can make when he or she is contemplating a divorce. In a survey sponsored by the Securian Financial Group, 31 percent of people who divorced after 10 or more years of marriage had staked no […]