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When you are going through the emotional upheaval of a divorce, you can count on the compassionate Tampa divorce attorneys at Sauls & Kimble, PA, to afford you the confidence to prevail through one of life’s most challenging transitions.

The calm, reassuring guidance of a knowledgeable attorney who is protecting your rights and your interests and advocating aggressively for an outcome that honors your objectives can help you land soundly on your feet.

Take the first step toward finding clarity and focus during a difficult transition. Call Tampa online divorce attorneys, Sauls & Kimble, PA, for capable, authoritative help.

Getting Informed About Divorce

There are many misconceptions about divorce proceedings. Friends or family members have likely offered advice about your situation and, while these people have good intentions, may provide misinformation. When you work with an attorney, you'll get sound insight on all aspects of ending a marriage, including:

  • How to get a divorce

    Learn about grounds for divorce as well as requirements for annulment and legal separation. Discover how to proceed with a no-fault, uncontested divorce in Florida and get information on military divorce. Receive answers to other questions, including how long a divorce takes and whether you need a lawyer.

  • How much a divorce costs

    One aspect of divorce that is a common source of concern is cost. Find information on expenses for retaining a divorce lawyer and learn whether alimony, spousal support or maintenance is likely to be awarded in your case. Also discover how child support payment is determined and enforced.

  • Divorce and children

    Perhaps the most difficult element of a divorce is its impact on children. Learn how to get custody of children and learn about how child visitation is decided. Also get information on fathers’ rights and parenting plans as well as child relocation and moves.

  • Property division in divorce

    Your future is on the line in a divorce, and it makes sense that you want to secure a post-marriage financial arrangement that is fair to you. Learn about who gets the house, what happens to a business and how retirement plans and savings are distributed in a divorce.

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Get The Help Of A Tampa Divorce Lawyer

Divorce laws in the state of Florida are complex and can be difficult to make sense of without the help of an attorney. Additionally, it's quite possible that a soon-to-be ex-spouse may have different views on what is fair in divorce proceedings.

By securing the services of an experienced lawyer, you can move confidently forward knowing that a knowledgeable legal advocate is watching out for your best interests.

You can set up a meeting to discuss your case with a Tampa divorce attorney by calling 915-568-1060 or emailing our office.