Florida in top five for high divorce rate in US

Among the 50 states in the nation, Florida was ranked number five for its rate of divorce just last year according to WPBF.com. Its fifth place position was actually a tie with Oklahoma. With 13.1 percent of people in both states being divorced, Florida and Oklahoma were outdone by only three other states — Oregon, […]

Thousands of domestic violence cases a year in Florida

Many people going through a divorce only have to worry about the ordinary disputes, such as figuring out who gets the car or the house, and how to share parenting time. However, there are also those who deal with far weightier and even dangerous issues. For millions of people across the U.S., domestic violence is […]

Florida legislators propose shared parenting as divorce outcome

Divorce is an emotionally charged process not only for spouses, but for their children as well. While the initial process may be challenging for children, the outcomes are beneficial. For instance, happier parents make their children happier as a result and when the tension has been dissolved between parents through divorce, children can be more […]

How to protect retirement assets when divorcing

Florida couples who face the prospect of getting divorced have a wide range of things to be concerned about. Decisions must be made regarding anything from property division issues to disputes about spousal support or child support. Every stage of life can pose unique concerns as well. In the United States, the number of people […]

How do you know when you’re ready for a divorce?

Divorce is almost always a difficult decision, with most people deciding to end the marriage as a last option. When negotiating and marriage counseling just don’t help, many Florida residents make the choice to call it quits. Although getting a divorce can be heartbreaking, most will agree it’s better than staying in a miserable marriage. […]

Helping your kids cope with the pain of a divorce

Unfortunately, not every marriage ends in a happily ever after. Divorcing is usually stressful – both financially and emotionally – for the married couple, as both have to go through the difficulties of property division, spousal support and so on. A divorce is no easier for children, who often don’t understand the circumstances that led […]

Helpful advice for divorcing couples

Divorce is a complex and difficult process that involves numerous financial and emotional concerns. Fortunately, there are many steps that divorcing individuals can take to lessen the potentially negative long-term effects of divorce. Divorce recovery is a long-term process According to Woman’s Day, no matter how prepared an individual is for a divorce, recovering from […]

New bill may modify Florida’s permanent alimony guidelines

Financial matters are one of the main issues divorcing couples face. After marital property is divided, many individuals depend on alimony payments to help ensure financial stability after a divorce. Florida courts consider alimony payments after property distribution During the divorce process, a court first divides all marital property. According to information from the Florida […]

Divorce and the impact on children

Going through a divorce is a particularly trying time for everyone involved. Emotions are high and much strain is put on the parties, especially when a considerable amount of conflict exists. In particular, children can be negatively affected by a divorce. To ease this impact, it is imperative for parents to try to make the […]