Do I Need A Lawyer For A Divorce?

Recognizing What's At Stake

In the state of Florida, you do not need a lawyer to file for divorce or to go through subsequent court proceedings. It is possible under the law to achieve the dissolution of a marriage without the assistance of a lawyer. This does not mean, however, that taking this approach is to your advantage.

It is understandable that you may wish to avoid the cost of securing the services of a legal professional. In many cases, however, failing to obtain the services of an attorney can lead to errors or omissions in your divorce case that can adversely affect your personal finances or even custody issues. With so much on the line, most people elect to hire a lawyer.

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Why It Can Help To Contact A Lawyer For A Divorce

Divorce is a specialized area of legislation that requires a thorough understanding of Florida family law. If you're like most people, you probably haven't spent a lot of time thinking about or studying the relevant statutes.

An attorney brings relevant knowledge to your case along with many more benefits, including:

  • An understanding of court procedures. Navigating the legal system on your own can be difficult. An attorney will have a thorough comprehension of court protocols that can impact your case.
  • Sound negotiation skills. It's everyone's hope during a divorce that all parties will remain civil and reasonable throughout the course of negotiations. In the event things become contentious, however, you'll have an advocate who will protect your interests.
  • Experience helping clients in divorce cases. Hiring an experienced divorce attorney allows you to leverage your legal representatives' years of experience representing others in similar situations.
  • Financial acumen. There are many economic aspects to divorce cases, and an attorney can help you understand how proposed provisions within a divorce agreement can affect your finances, including retirement funds, taxes and debts.

These are only some of the benefits an attorney can bring. This person can be a source of clear-headed advice and support as you navigate what can be an emotional ordeal. A lawyer can provide in-depth insight on each step of how to get a divorce, how long terminating a marriage takes and other factors that relate to your situation.

Deciding Whether You Need A Lawyer For A Divorce

Some divorces are clearly more complicated than others, and the complexity of your case may help determine whether you need a lawyer. Having legal representation is especially important in contentious cases in which child custody is at stake or complex financial considerations are involved. Finding an attorney is also important any time a spouse is dishonest or combative toward you.

An attorney can be important, though, even in cases in which a divorcing couple is more or less in agreement with each other on important issues concerning division of marital property, alimony, custody and child support. Divorce decrees may be difficult to have amended after the fact, making it important that your rights are fully protected when divorce provisions are drafted.

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