How Much Does A Divorce Lawyer Cost?

Expenses Relating To Divorces

Most people thinking about filing for divorce recognize that securing the services of an attorney carries important benefits. Some, though, hesitate over financial concerns about how much a divorce lawyer costs.

You may be among those who are concerned about the potential costs associated with obtaining legal representation during a divorce. This concern is understandable, especially given that there are so many monetary obligations involved with obtaining a divorce, including court fees, mediation costs and expenses relating to the valuation of real estate or other assets.

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Examining How Much A Divorce Lawyer Costs

Some attorneys offer their services for a flat fee, a practice more common in straightforward divorce cases in which spouses are largely in agreement on financial matters and no children are involved. The simplified divorce process may allow an attorney to provide clients with basic assistance on paperwork and related court proceedings.

Many others bill clients hourly for legal representation, especially in more complex divorce online in texas cases. Getting a clear idea of the attorney fees that will relate to your divorce can be difficult without speaking directly to an attorney. This is due, in part, to the fact that the amount that lawyers charge for their services varies considerably.

Additionally, a wide range of factors relating directly to your situation will impact the overall cost of representation, including:

  • Whether you are filing a contested or uncontested divorce. A no-contest divorce typically requires less time and, as a result, smaller amounts in attorney fees.
  • The amount of marital property involved. Divorce cases involving significant levels of financial assets are typically more complex and can require longer periods of negotiation.
  • If alimony has been requested. Determining if and in what amount alimony may be awarded can take time.
  • Whether your divorce involves children under the age of 18. Issues of custody, visitation and child support add considerable complexity (and time) to cases.
  • The level of contentiousness in a divorce. If you and spouse are finding difficulty agreeing on terms, the process is likely to be more drawn out and require more billable hours for an attorney.

These are only some of the factors that can influence how much a divorce lawyer costs to represent you during divorce proceedings.

The Potential Cost Of Not Having A Lawyer

While voluntarily adding to costs with the expense of a lawyer may be the last thing you'd like to do, working without a lawyer can expose you to far more significant expenses related to unfavorable settlements or court judgments.

An attorney will work to see that marital assets are fairly awarded to you and that you're not blindsided by financial challenges. For example, divorce settlements can have a significant impact on taxes, retirement funding and other important elements of your economic livelihood.

Your lawyer can provide insight on these issues as well as to provide a full assessment of how much a divorce costs, including any likely obligation of alimony, spousal support and maintenance.

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